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Several types of banding have been used on black Storks in France

Since 1995 : Darvik rings

Since 1995, ringers have been using a Metal ring (long ring, type “P” from the CRBPO) on one leg (tibia) and a Color ring (White or Red) with a black code on the other leg (tibia). Initially managed by Jean SERIOT, the program is now conduct by Luc STRENNA.

Color rings are choosed according to the European program of black Storks ringing. Since 1995, more than 200 rings have been put, red rings and white ones have been used.


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A french Stork can be recognized on the left side of the picture according to the long metal ring (left leg), on the right size the bird is from belgium.

A french database of the rings, put and controled, is managed by Luc STRENNA et Frédéric CHAPALAIN.


What to do if you find a Black Stork with this type of rings?

If you find a ringed Black Stork, please contact the two managers of this program at the following email Luc STRENNA & Frederic CHAPALAIN and send them the whole data set, as showed below:

Specie : Black Stork
Code :
Location of the color ring (tibia or tarsus, right or left leg):
Location of the metal ring (tibia or tarsus, right or left leg):
Date of sighting:
Hour of sighting:
Place of sighting:
Coordinates (en degree, minute) of the place of sighting:



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