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Last update : 27/10/2013



In 2001, the association APRECIAL (Association for Reintroduction of White Stork in Alsace) gathered a group of persons working on White Stork Ciconia ciconia in France for a meeting. Then, the French Storks Working Group was officially created in Nevers in 2003, at the occasion of the annual meeting of the group. Members of this group (persons from different associations, groups and administrations) are all studying the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), and are working for their protection in France.

The French Storks Working Group is managed by a committee, which coordinates the actions decided during the annual meeting of the group. This committee is composed of Paul Brossault (ONF21), Frédéric Chapalain (SOBA Nature Nièvre), Alain Chartier (GONormand), Hubert Dugué (Loire Atlantique), Sylvie Massemin (CEPE-CNRS Strasbourg), and Gérard Wey (APRECIAL).



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